Our coffee:

The Peekskill Coffee House is committed to serving our customers with the worlds finest Arabica Coffee, Roasted to perfection. Every week, we receive a selection of single origins and blends that have been carefully selected and artistically roasted for their unique qualities and taste. Peekskill Coffee House’s coffee beans are Roasted by are partners at Dillano’s Coffee Roasters. This Seattle based Roaster has an award-winning coffee selection that is headlined by the One Harvest Project.

One Harvest Project’s, Green Planet Organic Blend is in all our espresso based drinks. This lovely Blend of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras has a floral and Honey Aroma, buttery texture with a Milk Chocolate Finish. We have no doubt that you will savor every sip!

All of our coffee selections are availible for purchase by the full pound, 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 pounds.  We will grind it for you if you need. This is a wonderful way to try something new or share with friends and family. 

  • Coffee of the Moment: RIO AZUL GUATEMALA ORGANIC

    Flavor Profile: Chocolate Finish, Citrus, Cocoa, Mango, Crisp Regions: Huehuetenango Region, Norther Cuatemala Process: Washed Roasted: Light
  • Coffee of the Moment: UNITY BLEND - ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE

    Flavor Profile: Dark Chocolate, Herbal, Dried Fruit Regions: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia Process: Honey Washed & Natural Roasted: Dark
  • Coffee of the Moment: SKYLAR BLEND

    Flavor Profile: Citrus & Floral, Honey- like Finish Regions: Central & South America, East Africa Process: Honey & Washed Roasted: Light
  • Flatiron Blend: Peekskill Coffee House

    Flavor Profile: Full Body, Rich, Pastry, Smokey Regions: Papua New Guinea & Central America Process: Washed Roasted: Dark

    Flavor Profile: Full Body, Crisp, Cedar Regions: Various Blend Process: 100% Chemical Free Swiss Water Roasted: Medium