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  • August Music 2017

    FRI. 4th~ ed horan  (flamingo gutair)

    SAT. 5th~ comedy grind (HOSTED by anthony)

    SUN 6th~ charles and bernard (cowboy tunes)

    MON. 7th ~ NO trivia


    FRI.  11TH  ~ plasm  (jazz/ funk /JAM BAND)

    SAT. 12tH~ open mic music  (hosted by andy rice)

    SUN.13TH  ~ j. kaine (originals/ singer)

    MON.14TH~ no trivia


    FRI.  18TH  ~ DAN scanell (ACOUSTIC gutair)

    SAT. 19th~ the bump  (covers/ songwritter)

    SUN.20h~ liana gabel  (singer/ songwritter)

    MON. 21th ~ no trivia


    FRI.25th~ remedy recital  (rock/ jam band)

    SAT.26th~ joe duraes and the skills  (rock)

    SUN.27th~ joe adami  (covers/ originals)

    MON. 28th~ no trivia

    Friday & Saturday events begin @ 7 pm/Sunday Events begin @ 1pm.