Our Baristas

Meet our baristas:

  • Sunny

    Sunny was born in Lincoln Nebraska, grew up in Southern California and met the love of her life in Northern California.  They made a beautiful baby girl, moved to the East Coast,  stumbled upon Peekskill in 2001, bought a sweet lil house, put up a picket fence and established The Peekskill Coffee House! 
  • Jenna

    "Good Morning!" I'm usually serving up service with a smile in the earlier hours. I love starting my day at the coffee house. I am currently attending college in NYC for entrepreneurial buisness. Besides serving coffee and studying I love adventures with my curious canine, Pepper. You may run into us hanging outside at the coffee house when the weather's nice. Come over and say hi! 
  • Kyra

  • Randy

    Hey everybody I'm Randy Sharpe, a Peekskill native. I've been working at The Peekskill Coffee House since 2007. When I'm not at the coffee house I like to be working on my art and learning more about coffee and the industry. My favorite coffee from the Peekskill Coffee House is our house espresso blend. A few other favorite coffees include Tanzania, Sumatra and New Guines. Now that you know a bit about me come down to the coffee house and say hello!
  • Christine