The Peekskill Coffee House is currently seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic individual to join their team. This position is ideal for someone who is passionate about coffee, crepes, and community. As a member of our team, your responsibilities will include serving coffee and crepes to our valued customers, engaging with them in a positive manner throughout their entire experience, and ensuring that our work space and customer area are clean and well-stocked.

We are looking for someone who is friendly, energetic, and optimistic, with a quick-learning and adaptable nature. Working well in a team environment is essential, as is the ability to multitask and effectively communicate with both co-workers and customers. This role also requires the ability to move at a fast pace and perform physical tasks while standing for long periods of time.

At The Peekskill Coffee House, we offer a range of benefits to our employees. You can expect to work in a fun and fast-paced environment, with a flexible schedule that allows for a healthy work-life balance. Our upbeat culture promotes personal and professional growth, and we offer extensive training to help you develop your skills. Additionally, we provide vacation for full-time positions, sick pay, and NYFPL (New York Family Paid Leave), as well as a matching 401K. As a member of our team, you will also enjoy employee discounts and free coffee, along with sales and work ethic incentives. Furthermore, working at The Peekskill Coffee House will provide you with valuable community connections, as we are known as "Peekskill's Living Room."

For entry-level positions, the starting wage is minimum wage. However, we are committed to providing training and opportunities to build your skills and increase your wages as quickly as possible. Fully trained, senior employee wage range $18.50 to $22.00 per hours (dependent on tips)

If you are passionate about coffee, people, and creating a positive community experience, we invite you to join our team at The Peekskill Coffee House. Apply today and discover why we are so highly regarded in the Hudson Valley and beyond!

As a Barista at The Peekskill Coffee House, your responsibilities will include:
- Learning to serve Coffee and Crepes with the highest standard for quality. This involves understanding different brewing methods, preparing espresso-based beverages, and creating delicious and visually appealing crepes.

- Taking direction and following instruction from the coffeehouse manager and other team members. This includes learning and adhering to standard operating procedures, following recipes, and ensuring consistency in product quality.

- Multi-tasking efficiently in a fast-paced environment. As a Barista, you will need to handle multiple orders simultaneously, prioritize tasks, and maintain a smooth workflow to ensure timely service.

- Positively engaging customers throughout their entire experience. You will be the face of the coffeehouse, greeting and interacting with customers, taking their orders, answering questions about the menu, and ensuring their satisfaction.

- Communicating effectively with co-workers and customers for success. Clear communication is essential for seamless teamwork and providing excellent customer service. You will need to communicate order details accurately to the kitchen staff and address any customer concerns or special requests.

- Maintaining a clean and well-stocked work space and customer area. This includes regular cleaning and sanitization of equipment, organizing ingredients and supplies, and restocking as needed to ensure a visually appealing and efficient work environment.

To excel in the role of a Barista, we are looking for individuals who possess the following qualifications:
- Friendly, energetic, and optimistic personality that can create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for customers.

- Quick-learning and adaptable nature to quickly grasp new concepts, techniques, and recipes.

- A genuine passion for coffee and people, with a desire to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills in the coffee industry.

- Enjoyment of working in a team environment, collaborating with fellow team members to provide outstanding service and support.

- Ability to move at a fast pace and perform physical tasks while standing for long periods of time. The role of a Barista requires stamina and the ability to handle the physical demands of the job.

- A mindset that embraces learning and continuous improvement. We value individuals who are open to feedback, eager to learn new techniques, and are committed to self-development.

At The Peekskill Coffee House, we offer a range of benefits to our team members, including:
- A fun and fast-paced working environment that fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

- A flexible schedule to accommodate personal commitments and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

- An upbeat culture that promotes personal and professional growth, providing opportunities for skill-building and advancement.

- Vacation time for full-time positions to allow for rest and relaxation.

- Sick pay and NYFPL (New York Family Paid Leave) to support our team members during times of illness or family-related needs.

- Matching 401K to help you save for your future.

- Extensive training to develop and refine your skills as a Barista, ensuring that you are equipped to deliver exceptional service.

- Employee discounts and free coffee to enjoy our delicious offerings during your off-duty hours.

- Sales and work ethic incentives to reward your hard work and dedication.

- Valuable community connections, as we believe in actively participating and contributing to the local community.

- Entry-level positions start at minimum wage, but after training, you can earn $17 - $21 per hour (inclusive of pooled tips), with opportunities for wage progression based on performance and experience.

If you have a passion for coffee, enjoy working with people, and want to contribute to a positive community experience, we invite you to apply for the Barista position at The Peekskill Coffee House. Join our team and discover why we are highly regarded in the Hudson Valley and beyond!


Kristen F.

8 years of Employment

"This job has been an amazing source of personal and professional growth for me. Working at TPCH has not only pushed me, but it has also helped me gain many valuable skills. I really appreciate the flexibility in terms of scheduling. Plus, the friendships I've made here are some of the closest I've ever had. The whole staff, including the management, is always supportive and genuinely cares about your well-being. The Peekskill Coffee House has become like a second home to me, where I feel a strong sense of belonging. To sum it up, this job has not just met, but gone beyond my expectations, giving me countless opportunities and experiences that I could have never imagined before."

Emily L.

2 years of Employment

"PCH is my favorite job I’ve had. While navigating working through college, it has offered me the flexibility I want, but still the full time hours that I need. This job has also challenged me to set and reach new goals for myself, and because of that, has been super rewarding. On a personal note, working at PCH has helped me come in to my identity more, because I’m surrounded by loving and supportive co-workers and management every day, who really just want each other to succeed. I also love feeling very close to and a part of my hometown community- and watching my service to others be a highlight of their day."