Covid-19 Protocols

Our doors are open to the public!
We are open from 7am-5pm daily!

Our main concern is the safety of our staff and customers. So we are asking everyone to PLEASE follow protocol and to remain patient and courteous.

  • WEAR YOUR MASK. No mask, no service.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS and use hand sanitizer provided.
  • Use designated entrance/exit.
  • We ask that all dine-in customers sign in on the contact tracing form located at the register!
  • Please keep in mind that we are operating at 50% capacity. We ask that you limit your seating time to ONE HOUR so that other customers can sit down and enjoy being in the shop. Time starts when you receive your product. 
  • You must place your order upon arrival!
  • ONE wifi code per customer!
  • No more than 4 people per table. Table sharing is not allowed. You may only sit with those in your party.
  • We require that all dine-in customers wear their masks at their table unless you are consuming your food/beverage.
  • When the shop is crowded, we will be asking take-out customers to wait outside or in their car. We will take your name and phone number and call/text you when your order is ready for pick up.
  •  Only 5 people will be allowed on line (inside) at once. The rest of the line will continue outside with (6 feet apart) marked spots.
  • There will be a divider separating the line to order and the seating area.
  • We will continue our online ordering! CLICK HERE TO PLACE AN ORDER! YOU MUST STILL WAIT IN LINE TO TELL THE BARISTA THAT YOU HAVE ARRIVED TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER. We apologize for any convenience but we're still figuring this out! 

Our staff will be following guidelines and protocols for your safety! Please practice patience and be respectful to the staff as they manage the flow of customers for everyone's safety. The safety and health of our patrons and staff are of the utmost importance to us. A shift manager will be on the floor to help the flow. You can ask them any questions or concerns that you may have! 

Thank you, Peekskill! Stay safe.