Covid-19 Protocols

Our doors are open to the public!
We are open from 7 am-7 pm daily!

As of March 19th 2021, both the CDC and NYS have announced that it is no longer required for individuals THAT HAVE BEEN FULLY VACCINATED to wear masks.

It is incredibly difficult for us to verify whether our customers are vaccinated or not. Therefore, we will be using the HONOR system.

If you are NOT fully vaccinated you are still required to wear a mask in this space.

If you are FULLY VACCINATED you do not have to wear a mask.

The Peekskill Coffee House is excited to see your beautiful VACCINATED faces.



- You are immunocompromised
- You live or work with immunocompromised people
- You don’t trust people are honestly vaccinated
- You like wearing a mask
- You prefer to wait
- You feel you are still at risk
- Your mask matches your outfit
- YOU ARE NOT fully vaccinated



These are PCH “Phase 4” Guidelines

  • ALL customers that are NOT FULLY VACCNATED are REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times unless you are seated.
  • NO RESERVATIONS. NO PHONE ORDERS. You can order in person or on our website @
  • You must place your order upon arrival. If you are a large party please be seated and have only 1 person wait on the line to order.
  • There is ONE QUEUE. The In-person ordering line will only have 5 designated spots inside the shop, the line will continue with more designated spots outside of the Brown street door. This will allow us to maintain Social Distancing regulations.
  • If you ordered ONLINE, Please let a PCH employee know that you have arrived and they will assist you (please arrive AT your given pick-up time).
  • If you are ordering to go or picking up an online order to go and it is not ready we may ask that you wait outside, as the flow of customers’ demands.
  • Table use will be prioritized for Dining In Only. We ask that customers be considerate of their time using our tables. If it’s slow you can stay.  However, If it gets busy, we may ask that you vacate your space so that ALL customers have the opportunity to sit at a table during their visit. 
  • Only 1 WIFI code per customer per visit. We are still at limited seating.

  • BE PATIENT, BE KIND, wash your hands frequently and if you are sick stay home.