What Should You Expect from Us?

When you decide to partner with us to meet your coffee production needs, we will make ourselves fully available to supply your business with fresh and consistent product. We will also ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly.

Additionally, partners will tap into a team that can help with all facets of service. This could include training, consulting, coffee education or just general troubleshooting in your café. You will be able to leverage almost two decades of running a cafe and serving top-quality beverages in a customer centric environment.

We provide beautiful, curated packaging, thoughtful customer engagement and maintain an active social media presence.

Expansion and the Future

Peekskill Coffee Roasting Company is expanding and building an amazing wholesale community backed by an established client base. By carrying Peekskill Coffee Roasting Company in your store, you will tap into a diverse community of coffee drinkers!

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