Career FAQs

Peekskill Coffee's Mission is to Serve its Community Great Coffee and Food, by a Friendly Staff in a Space that is Inviting to All.

What type of employee are you looking for?

We are looking for individuals that align with our core values! Folks that are friendly, energetic, and optimistic! If you enjoy working in a team environment and can effectively communicate, come join the PCH Team!


How do I apply for a position at The Peekskill Coffee House?

To begin, you can fill out our online application here. You can also fill out an application in person. Ask an employee for an application when you visit us!

What happens after I apply for a position online?

If we are currently hiring, we will review your application as promptly as possible. If we are not currently hiring, we will keep your application on file until we have an opening. After reviewing your application, we will contact you if we want to schedule an interview with you.

Why did I not get a call back after filling out an application?

There are many factors that we consider while review applications. Some of these factors are: a fully completed application, your availability to work, and the needs of the shop, or we are not currently conducting interviews.

Do you offer benefits to Employees?

Yes, we do! You can view our benefits here.


What's your interview process?

Once we conclude that you may be a good fit for our shop needs, at that time, we will contact you.

We have 3 interviews that are conducted before we decide if you are a good fit for The Peekskill Coffee House.

  1. Phone interview with our Shop Manager.
  2. In-Person interview with the Shop Manger.
  3. In-Person interview with the Shop Owner and the Assistant Shop Manager.

Why are there so many interviews?

Peekskill Coffee House has a reputation for excellent customer service. We are also a strong team that works together to ensure that our customers are happy, our products are consistent and the synergy amongst staff is unimpaired. This requires that we take time to ensure that our new team member is a good fit.

How many hours do you require an employee to work each week?

Our shifts are 5 to 8 hours per shift, depending on the position, the day and the season. We do require that you are available to work at least 2 days per week.

What is the training process consist of?

Once you are hired you will have 3 months of foundational training. From there, employees will move up to receive Apprentice, Junior and Senior training. Training time in each position will vary depending upon availability and an employees ability to retain information and perform the job as expected.