Who We Are

Peekskill Coffee's Mission is to Serve its Community Great Coffee and Food, by a Friendly Staff in a Space that is Inviting to All.

Our Core Values

Peekskill Coffee is Committed to Unite and Inspire, Authentically with kindness and Gratitude

Our History


Owner Sunny Cover established the Peekskill Coffee House in 2003. The city was lacking anywhere for the community to gather and meet, not to mention somewhere to get a good cup of coffee. Sunny and her neighbors partnered up and started working on creating such a place and so The Peekskill Coffee House was born. Peekskill warmly embraced this new business. Starting out as just a coffee house, serving only coffee, bagels, and pastries it was an immediate success. The Peekskill Coffee House has since been a cornerstone for the redevelopment of downtown Peekskill and is referred to often as "Peekskill's Living Room."

Sunny took the reins in 2009, buying out her partners, and becoming sole proprietor. She quickly added paninis to the menu and when the opportunity arose to expand in 2013 she took it. Knocking down the wall between the barista and kitchen side, Sunny added Crepes, waffles and Smoothies to the menu.

In 2018, Sunny opened up to the possibilities that roasting Peekskill Coffee in house might bring. Starting slowly on this new journey in coffee, our roaster traveled back and forth to Brooklyn, roasting out of a shared roasting facility. As time went by we eventually were roasting 100% of our own coffee origins and blends.

In 2021, Sunny expanded the enterprise by incorporating two sister companies: The Peekskill Coffee Roasting Company (PCRC) and Ryze Collective. These additions, both located in Peekskill, offer more opportunities for those in the coffee industry and provide support for The Peekskill Coffee House as well as other coffee related businesses. PCRC serves as the wholesale coffee division. Ryze Collective Inc. provides a shared roasting facility, allowing support for local small to mid-size coffee professionals to roast and grow their own businesses.

Sunny has successfully managed to introduce new product offers and maintain the original concept, insuring a successful business that values its employees and customers. This is done through commitment to quality, uniting with employees, being inspired to make changes, encouraging authenticity, always being kind and showing gratitude. These are the core values of the PCH and the true reason for the companies success. Through these values we have been able to foster a caring community of individuals who are happy to work serving the community. We take treating each other and customers with respect which has allowed customers and staff alike to trust us, growing relationships that have stood the test of time.

Supporting Our Community

The Peekskill Coffee House is more than just a coffee shop; it's become the “Living Room” of the Peekskill Community. As a local hang out (not the word I want to use), we believe in the power of unity and we strive to bring the diverse members of our community together, one cup of coffee at a time!

We believe in giving back to our community, and as part of our commitment, we contribute to local charities. Each month, we donate $1 from each bag of our retail coffee sold to a local charity….. So when you buy a bag of coffee from us, you're not just supporting a local business; you're also directly contributing to the betterment of our community. And for that, we thank you!

For Donation inquiries, please e-mail info@peekskillcoffee.com